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ACS represents instrumentation and valve manufacturers that supply solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries. The following is a list of technologies we can provide to meet your specifications.

Supplying quality instrumentation for analysis, measurement, and control, since 2000
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Corporate Overview

ACS is proud to be a premier manufacturers representative firm established in 2000 by founders Paul Mahoney and Ann Niemczyk. We represent top valve and instrument manufacturers worldwide, serving Northern California and Western Nevada. ACS specializes in engineered products that require specific knowledge and training, ranging from critical service control valves to instrumentation for the most difficult process measurements and control applications. ACS has over 150 years of combined knowledge and experience, providing support and solutions for you and your company. Our mission is to offer a level of service to our customers and principals that is unparalleled in our industry.



Companies Represented

Krohne, Based in Germany with US operations located in Peabody, MA. Krohne is the world’s premier manufacturer of process instrumentation. Krohne has provided industry-leading products for the measurement of level, density, weight, and pressure. Krohne’s products range from basic to the most advanced non-contact and guided wave radar for level, to ultrasonic, coriolis, vortex and magnetic flow meters. Krohne also has analytical measurements, including advanced process analyzers.


Masoneilan, The worldwide leader in process control valves and solutions since 1882. Developing the universal measurement for valve flow capacity and the Cv valve sizing coefficient, Masoneilan is also responsible for several ground-breaking products that have marked major steps forward in valve technology. Since their beginnings in steam regulators, Masoneilan has grown into a modern manufacturer of control and critical service valves, displacement level transmitters, digital positioners, and more. From the Lo-dB high pressure control valve to the SMART technology digital product line and software solutions, Masoneilan continually seeks ways to deliver better products.


Bronkhorst USA, A Dutch manufacturer established in 1981, Bronkhorst USA offers the most extensive product range of high quality mass flow controllers, pressure controllers, and controlled evaporative mixers on the market. Bronkhorst USA is supported by their facilities in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania as well as support from their factory in the Netherlands.


Badger Meter / Research Controls, Founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1905, Badger Meter has earned an international reputation as a leader in the development and manufacture of compact control valves, ranging from ¼” to 2”. These valves can be made from a variety of specialized metals and engineered plastics. Cv ranges from 0.0000018 to 54. Badger Meter’s products are used to measure and control the flow of liquids, gas, and steam. Badger Meter also offers many choices of pneumatic or electric actuation, positioners, switches, and more.


Teledyne Analytical Instruments, Is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high quality gas and liquid analyzers. Teledyne’s product line includes, O2 analyzers, %, trace, PPM/PPB, and portable systems, as well as hydrocarbon, PPB moisture, flue gas analyzers, stack gas, and combustion efficiency monitors. Teledyne is located in Southern California and has over 50 years of industry experience.


Burling Valve, A World Class manufacturer of pressure regulators, including pressure reducing and back pressure valves. Regulators may be self contained, pilot, or dome loaded. All regulators are built at their manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas.


Thermo Fischer Scientific, Nuclear measurements for density, continuous & point level. Analyzers for sulfur in fuel , as well as liquid & gas density.


Quest-Tec Solutions, A manufacturer of magnetic level indicator (MLI) displays and chambers, as well as boiler drum level site glasses. The development and engineering of the liquid level gauge and valve product lines began more than 40 years ago. QTS maintains a manufacturing plant in Houston Texas.


Precision Digital, Established in 1974, Precision Digital is a manufacturer of a comprehensive line of digital display and control instrumentation consisting of, PID controllers, annunciators, multi-function controllers, and digital gauges. Precision Digital’s products are primarily used in flow, level, pressure, and temperature applications and packaged for panel, field, and surface mounting. Precision Digital’s corporate office is located in Holliston, Massachusetts where they design and manufacture products to exact standards.


Thermo Scientific, Advanced water chemistry analyzers for drinking water, water treatment, power production, and industry.

Autrol, Intelligent pressure and temperature transmitters, including seals, capillaries, and temperature elements.


ACS represents instrumentation and valve manufacturers that supply solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries. The following is a list of technologies we can provide to meet your specifications.


Process Instrumentation


Flow and Mass Flow: Coriolis, Vortex Magnetic, DP, Radar, Sonic, Thermal Mass, Multivariable.

Pressure: Gauge, DP, Absolute, Multivariable, Multi-range, Sanitary, Remote Seals.

Pressure Control: Digital Pressure Controllers.

Temperature: Transmitters, RTD, Thermocouple

Level: Radar, Ultrasonic, Hydrostatic, Nuclear, Capacitance, Displacement, MLI, Interface, Liquids, Solids, Powders

Analytical Liquid: pH, ORP, Conductivity, Resistivity, TOC, Cation Conductivity, Degassed Acid Conductivity, Hydrazine, Sodium, Silica, Turbidity, Chlorine, Phosphate

Analytical Gas: O2 (%, ppm, ppb, ppt), Combustion Efficiency, CO2 Purity, Flue Gas, Hydrogen Purity, CEMS, Life Safety

Evaporation: Controlled Evaporative Mixers, To Create a Controlled Saturated Vapor, Ideal for CVD Style Coating.



Valves and Mechanical Controls


Control Valves: Globe, Rotary Globe, Severe Service, Steam Conditioning, Lo dB, Cavitation Control, Sanitary, Cryogenic

Isolation Valves: Ball, Butterfly

Pressure Regulators: Pressure Reducing, Back Pressure, Pilot, Dome Loaded, Differential

Positioners: Digital HART, Digital Bus, Electro-pneumatic, Pneumatic, Custom mounting for any control valve or damper application



For more specific information about a manufacturer, or technical documentation, please use the links provided below to go to their web site.

Thru air and Guided Wave Radar Level, Coriolis, Magnetic, Vortex, and Ultrasonic Flow Meters. Pressure and Temperature Transmitters. Advanced Analyzers.

World class Control valves since 1882.Globe, Camflex, Severe service, Cavitation control, Lo dB, Steam Conditioning, Positioners

Nuclear measurements for density, continuous & point level. Analyzers for sulfur in fuel , as well as liquid & gas density.

Small, high precision control valves. Made in a wide variety of metals and plastics, high pressure, cryogenic, Bellows sealed, Utility service.

Industrial pressure regulators. Pressure reducing, Back pressure, Pilot operated, Dome loaded, Self contained.

Quest-Tec Solutions. Boiler drum level indication, Site glass, LED steam/water interface, Optional analog or switched outputs.

Mass flow meters and controllers. Pressure controllers, Thermal mass and Coriolis technologies, Controlled evaporative mixers, Liquids and gasses.

Manufacturer of high quality gas and liquid analyzers. O2 Analyzers, Hydrocarbon, Moisture, Flue gas, Combustion efficiency, CEM, CO2 Quality, GC.

Intelligent pressure transmitters.

DP, GP, AP, Seals & Manifolds.


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Semiconductor / Solar

Semiconductor / Solar

In the semiconductor chip and tool industries, we mainly supply instruments for mass flow and pressure control, for liquids and gasses. We also supply controlled evaporative mixers to create clean vapors used for CVD processes. We have the support equipment such as controllers, valves, and filters, to assemble a complete system.

Chemical & Petrochemical Refining:

Chemical & Petrochemical Refining:

Chemical & Petrochemical Refining:In the chemical and petrochemical industries, we supply control valves and regulators for applications ranging from utilities to critical service.

Cement, Mining, and Aggregates:

Cement, Mining, and Aggregates:

Cement, Mining, and Aggregates: For the mining and aggregate markets, our primary product is level monitoring. We offer through air and guided wave radar for silo levels. Nuclear gauges to detect plugged chutes, or monitor flowing line density.

Power Generation:

Power Generation:

Power Generation: We offer critical valves, such as desuperheaters, and HP steam let down, as well as regulators for pressure reduction and back pressure.

Food Processing

Food Processing

Food Processing: We offer sanitary sensors for pH, conductivity, temperature, flow, and level. Control valves and regulators for steam and water. Sanitary valves for food process.

Biotech & Pharmaceutical:

Biotech & Pharmaceutical:

Biotech & Pharmaceutical:In the biotech and pharma fields, we supply sanitary radar level transmitters, in both guided wave and through air styles. We also have small sanitary control valves for flow or pressure control.

Chemical Plant

Chemical Plant

Petrochemical Refining: We supply radar and nuclear instruments for level and interface. We also offer instruments for measuring flow, pressure, and temperature.

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